Electronics, radio engineering and telecommunications

Plasma reactors for ozone generation on corona discharge with secondary electron emitters

We study various constructions of electrode systems of plasma-chemical reactors on the nonstreamer corona discharge with secondary electron emitters. We also aim at determining the efficiency of ozone generation. Finally, we establish the empirical dependence of С initial ozone concentration, I current of multicorona discharge and Q oxygen stream for reactors with needle electrodes.

Radiopulses evolution radiated by hertz’s dipole propagating in vacuum

The paper studies radiopulses evolution radiated by Hertz’s dipole propagating in vacuum. By the example of Gauss’ radiopulse, fields properties and power descriptions are considered in the near, intermediate and distant areas. Moreover, some substantial changes of the fields and power descriptions in the transition from the near area to distant one can be observed.

Recognition of Phonendoscope Signals in the Linear Spectrum Parameters Domain of the Highest Regression

In this paper, we study two new effective domains —linear spectrum projections of the highest regression and the linear spectrum frequency of the highest regression. We also consider classic domains of equivalent parameters and reflection coefficients. Furthermore, we compare the results of classifiers structure of phonendoscope signals by using imaging into the solution space with a minimum mean square error.

Calculation of electric field lines of eigenwaves of the open comb

Based on the numerical solution of the boundary problem, we design and build the electric field lines of eigenwaves of the open comb. Furthermore, our study suggests that the electric field distribution in the open comb is not as simple as usually portrayed.

Bioimpedancometry variants in studies of human age physiology

This study describes the possibilities and specificity of adequate use of various impedancometry methodologies. The experimental results obtained by two independent methods indicate that bioimpedancometry may be an effective tool for studying involutive processes of human age physiology. Furthermore, bioimpedancometry is also effective when one-frequency and two-frequency methods are used, especially for estimating the secondary index of full impedance of human body – polarization index and phase shearing angle.

The direct channel model of secure transmission of broadband radio access system with differentiated services

This paper introduces the simple analytical model of secure wireless transmission of differentiated services. Drawing on the assumption regarding channel slow fades and employing the Random Early Input/Output Detection (RED) method of sequence control, the formulas for parameters determination, characterizing services submitted to different types of packages, are obtained. This simplified model turns out to be effective for the calculations, and the findings revealed are close to simulation technique data.

Recognition of vowel sounds “a” “o” “u” “e” of the ukrainian language

In this paper, we propose a classification algorithm for recognition of sound signals. Based on recognition of the vowel sounds “a”, “o”, “u”, “e” of the Ukrainian language, we illustrate high sensitivity of the classification algorithm.

Wavelet-Transform of Discrete Signals for Arbitrary Scales

We consider the specificity of continuous wavelet-transform of discrete signals. We propose a novel calculation method of coefficients of continuous wavelet-transform. This method can be applied if the mother wavelet function has no exact mathematical expression and is given solely by its samples at the reference time. We also illustrate possible applications of the method on the example of calculation of values of scale adapted mother wavelet function for coefficients of arbitrary dilation and squeeze

The optical and passivating properties of silicon nitride

This paper considers physical and technological processes of enhancing transformation efficiency of photoelectric transducers on the basis of singlecrystalline and multicrystalline silicon. The core of this work is the study of optical and passivating properties of silicon nitride films, produced by the plasma chemical deposition technology.

Computation accuracy of dispersion characteristic of open comb with combs of infinite thickness

This paper deals with ratios between the order of the system of linear algebraic equations for the amplitudes of oscillations in resonators and the number of accountable space harmonics that give the most precise solution of dispersion equation for open comb with combs of infinite thickness, using the method of partial areas. We also reveal the dependence between relative difference of the method of partial areas and the factorization method as well as phase shift of zero space harmonic at the period of the comb