Electronics, radio engineering and telecommunications

The increase of the precision of the orthogonal transformations for the analysis of the linear systems

The study proposes the analysis of application of the nonminimum derivation formulas, using the method of the orthogonal transformation. We determine that it leads to the increase of precision of the chosen method, comparing with the application of the formula of the difference quotient.

The specificity of forming the fields with curved line acoustic aerial made of round cylindrical piesoceramic sound receiver

This paper presents the research results of the connected fields of different physical nature that appear in the arch cylindrical lattice. This lattice is made of the thin wall cylindrical piesoceramical transformations with locally responding acoustic screens in the inner cavity and without them. The fields appear at the interaction between lattices and flat acoustic waves and depend on the parameters of transformations, lattices and waves.

Normal discrete transformation with the real core of the arbitrary shape signal

In this article, the method of formation of the discrete orthogonal transformation, named normal, is proposed. The transformation spectrum has only one nonzero transformation for the arbitrary shape test signal.

Низкочастотное расширение диапазона работы магниторезистивного измерительного преобразователя активной мощности средних частот

This paper illustrates that the dc voltage on the output of the magnetoresistive measurement converter is proportional to active power in a transmission line. Furthermore, we study the inversion switchboards models of current and voltage based on triacs.

Use of neuron network for objects detection in image

The paper considers the variant for problem solving of different object classes by neuron networks. Specifically, it was experimentally proven that a neuron network with high exactness and reliability can search for coils in image of circuit board, number plates, and eyes in image.

Contactless method of measuring charge carriers recombination parameters in semiconductors

The present study proposes the contactless optical method of measuring surface recombination rate (s) and diffusion length (L) of charge carriers. This method is based on analysis of dependence of excess thermal emission (TE) of semiconductor sample in long wavelength spectral range (hν < Eg) on the wavelength of excitation light in the range of fundamental absorption (hν > Eg). The procedure is tested on monocrystal silicon plate with different surface treatment that allows changing s from 400 tо 105 сm/s.

Model representations on introduction of rare-earth dopants (Eu and Y) in nanocrystalline silicon

In this paper, we reveal model representations on the nature of RE dopant centers in nanocrystalline silicon films. Using the results of chemical composition analysis and temperature measurements of resistance, we compare theoretical and experimental data. Crucially, we determine that the nature of dopant centers changes depending on the conditions of films processing (temperature deposition) and dopants concentration.

The modified method of efficiency estimation for information transfer systems

The paper proposes the modified method of efficiency estimation for information transfer systems complementing the A.G. Zyuko’s well-known method. We introduce the new scale of information efficiency. In addition, we provide insights into the correct reflection of frequency, power and information efficiency indexes for the discrete and continuous transfer systems in an area, limited with the Shannon border. Moreover, we estimate the efficiency indexes at the requirements change to integrity of signal reception for different types of modulation.

Silicon carbide based broadband etalon emitters for the UV-region

In this paper, we studied the influence of the microplasma structure, operating voltage and temperature on the ultraviolet component of the spectrum distribution of quantum output of SiC-6H and SiC15R based light emitting diodes, working in the electrical breakdown regime. Moreover, revealed was the well-formed connection of samples parameters with the initial crystallites properties and microplasma structure of the breakdown. The obtained results proved the probability of the range extension of the devices’ stable work in the ultraviolet region to 250nm.

Correspondence between capacity and productivity of the systems of transmission on the base of a technology UMTS

In this paper, we consider K. Shannon’s description of the channel capacity. On the experimental side, we propose the model of the system for discrete information transfer. We exemplify it by utilizing the UMTS technology and the transformation of original formulas of Shannon’s capacity when the information is transformed on every segment of the model of transmission system.