Electronics, radio engineering and telecommunications

The detection method for atrial late potentials based on eigenspaces analysis of ecg wavelet pattern

We assume that mathematical orthogonal transformations can be applied to the problem of atrial late potentials (ALP) detection in the systems of highresolution electrocardiography. Specifically, we propose an integrated approach to identify the lowamplitude high-frequency part of ECG with ALP using the wavelet transform to further separate it into a diagnostically important signal and noise by decomposition in the basis of eigenvectors. Crucially, we demonstrate the results of the conducted model experiment aimed at the ALP detection by employing the proposed method in the MATLAB system.

Usage of ultra wideband impulse signals in satellite communication and terrestrial long-distance communication

We consider the feasibility and evaluate the effectiveness of implementing the impulse radio ultra wideband signals (IR-UWB) for the long-distance communication. The communication channel with the Earth artificial satellite at an altitude of 700 km serves as an example. To reduce the absorption degree, we choose the atmosphere relative “transparency” window between 70–170 GHz so that the signal spectrum is limited by this band. We obtain the values of IR-UWB signal energy characteristics and compare them with those of the long-distance radar station.