Power engineering and energy generating technologies

Performance Characteristics of Aluminum Thermosyphon for PVT Solar Collector

This article discusses the design of aluminum profile thermosyphons intended for use in PVT solar collectors. PVT solar collectors can simultaneously convert solar energy into electricity and heat, thus increasing the efficiency of solar power installation. The analysis of experimental studies of performance aluminum profile thermosyphons was presented.

A Hundredth Anniversary of the Peek’s Law for Estimating the Corona Inception Electric Field

This article is dedicated to the memory of well-known electrical engineer Frank William Peek, Junior, who estimated the corona inception electric field on the surface of electrodes with a small radius of curvature which allows for corona discharge inception and also known as the “Peek’s law”. Analyzing Peek’s first publications dated 1911–1915, we have seen that he has elaborated and summarized the laws, which describe the phenomenon of corona discharge in gas on the wires of power transmission line.

Dynamic Model Heat-Mass Exchange for the Water Cooler of the Industrial Air Conditioner

Mathematical modelling of processes heat-mass exchange for a water cooler, which is used in systems of an artificial microclimate for cooling and air unwatering, is observed. Based on the equations of material and thermal balance two equivalent models allowing to spend modelling of transients in a cooler on the basic channels of regulating and perturbation are gained. Sampling of dynamic model is defined by methods of a control system synthesis of the industrial air conditioner.

Comparative Analysis of Models of Heat Transfer in the Cylinder of Stationary Gas Engine 11GD100M

Heat transfer process in the cylinder of a stationary gas engine pre-chamber – torch ignition of lean fuel-air mixtures and qualitative power regulation was studied and mathematically modelled. During the investigation of heat transfer in the cylinder of the gas engine the components obtained by the results of experimental research of internal thermal balance were analyzed. It was shown that heat transfer in the cylinder 11GD100M has distinctive features compared to the known petrol and diesel engines.

Identification of Low Frequency Oscillations Using Synchrophasor Measurements

The actual questions of the study of low-frequency oscillations of power in the interconnected power system (IPS) of Ukraine in terms of introduction of modern Wide Area Measuring System (WAMS) are considered. The algorithm for identifying modes of oscillations by means of using recordings from the Phasor Measurement Units of a WAMS using spectral analysis and calculation of the main characteristics of identified fluctuations is developed.

The Efficiency of the Heat Pump in the Heating System Using Heat from Exhaust Gases after the Condensing Boiler

The thermodynamic efficiency of heat pump hot water supply schemes using heat from exhaust gases after the condensing boiler was determined. It was established, that there is the optimum degree of cooling of the flue gases in the evaporator heat pump, which corresponds to the maximum specific useful effect received from the exhaust gases heat utilization by HP based on the cost to the heat pump compressor drive.

New Metod of Measuring of Symmetric Sequences of Three-Phase Voltage

This article concerns the digital determination of three-phase quality indexes of electric power – coefficient of asymmetry on a negative sequence, rejection and oscillation of fundamental frequency voltage. These indexes are characterized by voltages of negative (VNS) and direct (VDS) sequences of fundamental frequency.

Effectiveness Analysis of Recirculation Dryer with a Heat Pump

The results of the thermodynamic analysis of conventional and heat pump conveyer convective drying of grain are shown in this article. The purpose of this work is to analyze the impact of recirculation on the energy efficiency of traditional and heat pump grain dryers. The mathematical model should also shows energy advantage of heat pump dryers in relation to traditional. Modeling of processes is performed for the first period of drying at a constant rate of moisture removal from the grain. The calculations were made for wheat grain.

A comparison of algorithms efficiency for maneuvering power of the WWER1000 reactor

The present paper compares the efficiency of algorithms for maneuvering power of the WWER–1000 reactor based on the integrated index. The comparison takes into account a cladding damage level of the fuel element, power stability in the active core, utilization factor of maximum capacity, and reliability of the control system.

Features of Shale Gas in Rotary Kilns Building Materials Industry

The possibility of shale gas usage in existing kilns of building materials industry is analyzed. The questions considering determination of thermal performance conditions of kilns for burning cement using nature and shale are studied. For a more complete modeling a mathematical model, compared with the known, taking into account such additional factors as the temperature of the exhaust gases and the conditions refractory lining wear during operation was applied.