Science of materials and mechanical Engineering

Physical and Chemical Conditions of Complex Saturation Carbon Steel 45 by Silicon and Chrome in Medium of Chlorine

The package of the applied programs with base of the thermodynamic data was used and the theoretical analysis of physical and chemical conditions of complex saturation carbon steel by silicon and chrome in medium of chlorine in the closed reactionary space was carried out at the lowered pressure of a gas phase. The influence of structure of initial components of a sating mix on equilibrium structure gas and condensed of phases of process chromosilicided is revealed.

Mathematical Modelling of Dynamics of the Vibroprotective System Equipped with Roller Absorber

Using the methods of mathematical modeling to develop numeral-analytical approach for determination of equations of ACHKH of the nonlinear vibroprotective system with a new isochronous roller absorber in the first approaching and to define the optimum parameters of its tuning. For the conclusion of equations ACHKH the averaging method of W. Ritz, adapted to the probed task, was used. For the solution of nonlinear algebraic equations of ACHKH of the system the special programmatic complex was developed in a non-obvious form.

Researches of Surface Quality Parameters of High Speed Sliding Bearings from Composite Materials for Printing Machines at DIamond Grinding

In the article the research results of defect layers formation on surface of high-speed sliding bearings made of new high-alloy composite materials from tool steels wastes and intended for printing machines have been presented. Such quality parameters of surface like cold-work strengthening and distortions of the 2-nd type are supplied by the result of interaction between force and temperature fields appearing on the top of diamond grain at fine diamond grinding of friction surfaces of sliding bearings were shown.

The Study of the Structure of Laminar Currents in Recirculating Channels with Developed Surface

In order to research influence of parameters of the developed surface on structure of a laminar current of viscous incompressible liquid in ring channels the computing model, and algorithm of creation of profiles of speed has been offered. This case deals with a homogeneous layer of obstacles – cylindrical protrusions, distance between which ensures the absence of hydrodynamics interactions. Numerical calculations allowed analyzing dependence of the maximum and average speeds of a stream from density of ledges on a surface of the channel and from their height.

Formation of Structure and Phase Composition in Ecviatomic Alloys of Cu–Ni–Al–Fе–Cr System Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying

Nanocrystalline equiatomic high-entropy alloys (HEAs) have been synthesized by mechanical alloying in Cu–Ni–Al–Fе–Cr system from the binary CuNi alloy to the quinary CuNiAlFeCr alloy. By using X-ray diffraction analysis structure and phase evolution during mechanical alloying (MA) in binary to quinary alloys selected from Cu, Ni, Al, Fe и Cr in sequence were investigated. Binary CuNi alloy formed solid solution with face-centered cubic crystal structure in nanocrystalline state.

Diffusion Coatings with the Participation of Titanium, Alumi¬nium and Silicon on Surface of the Steel 12X18H10T

Patterns of forming a multilayered diffusion coatings after complex saturation of titanium, aluminum and silicon to steel to improve heat resistance 12Cr18Ni10Ti were obtained and studied. The possibility of obtaining titanium-aluminum-silicon layers on steel 12Cr18Ni10Ti powder in containers with a gate in unpressurized conditions at temperature 1050 C and with duration 4 hours was studied. As initial components powders of titanium, aluminum, silicon, aluminum oxide, ammonium chloride were used.

Control Oxygen-Converter Process in Closed Loop

The work was done in order to increase the efficiency of BOF smelting by constructing closed-loop control system. The creation of BOF melt models was based on the combined modeling method, which includes deterministic, probabilistic and heuristic approaches, methods of automatic classification and the positive experience of the previous administration. A closed-loop system including a static, dynamic and closed control model BOF steelmaking process was developed.

Effect of Diamond Honing Technological Factors for Parameters of Roughness and Exactness of Composite Sliding Bearings Surfaces for Printing Machines

In a paper the research results concerning an influence of honing process’ technological factors such as abrasive tool composition, cutting parameters, number of hones in honing head on surface roughness and surfaces’ exactness of new composite sliding bearings manufactured of new high-alloy composite alloys from tool steels wastes for high-speed printing machine have been presented.

Efficiency of the Functional Distribution of Solid Fuel in Layered System Consisting of Ore-Flux-Fuel Compositions

In this article processes of pelletizing and sintering iron ore pellets with different distribution of solid fuel in multilayer system were experimentally investigated. The influence of the functional distribution of solid fuels on the compressive strength and the degree of metallization fired pellets was studied. Compressive strength of burnt pellets with basicity of 1.4, which contain increased amounts of particulate fuel in range of 1,6–2,35 kN/pellet and not characterized by high indices, although GOST has indices on level 0,2–0,95 kN /pellet.

Monitoring of Welding Processes with Application of Artificial Neural Networks

The paper presents a summary of methods of monitoring systems’ development for the processes involving heating of filler material and/ or base metal by the electric current and with periodical shortages of the welding circuit. The processes investigated were MAG welding, underwater flux-cored welding and flash-butt welding. Details of experiments, primary data processing procedures based on statistical analysis methods are described, the aim of primary processing being obtaining of informative parameters of the welding processes.