Science of materials and mechanical Engineering

Phase transformations and physical зroperties of nanodimensional fe50pt50 (30 nm)/sio2(100 nm)/si(001) film system

In this paper, we study conditions of the magnetically ordered L10(FePt) phase with a face-centered tetragonal lattice in the nanodimensional Fe50Pt50 (30 nm)/SiO2(100 nm)/Si(001) film system at annealing in nitrogen. We also investigate its structure, morphology, electric and magnetic properties. On the experimental side, we show that the magnetically ordered L10(FePt) phase with rectangular grains is formed in Fe50Pt50 films after annealing at 720 K.

Titanium aluminizing of the vk8 nitrated hard alloy in the enclosed space

We investigate the phase and chemical composition, structure, characteristics and operational properties of the VK8 nitrated hard alloy after diffused titanium aluminizing in the mixture of titanium and aluminium powders in the enclosed space. We demonstrate that the strength of films produced and covered with the VK8 nitrated hard alloy increases by several times at 12Х18Н9Т steel cutting as compared to the initial alloy strength.