Science of materials and mechanical Engineering

he Influence of tool composition and Fine Diamond grinding parameters on surface Roughness of composite sliding bearings for printing machine

The article presents research results on the influence of tool composition and fine diamond grinding parameters on surface roughness of new composite sliding bearings for printing machines. We determine main regularities of surface roughness formation and their dependence on cutting parameters. We discover that granulosity, vehicle material of the diamond disc essentially influence surface roughness parameter Ra.

Anomalous One-Particle Properties in the Normal State of a Model with Superconductivity

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of the strong superconducting fluctuations in the d-wave channel on the normal state properties of a simple two-dimensional strongly correlated Fermi-system.

Investigation of Iron Ore Pellets Sintering with High-Content of Solid Fuels

This paper experimentally confirmed the possibility to obtain fluxed pellets with sufficient strength and high degree of metallization and cost-effective for it use in the blast furnace process. Specifically, we study the influence of the mineral composition of pellets by their strength and establish that the pellets strength with high basicity is somewhat reduced in the temperature range 1473–1493 K due to the significant amount of more brittle slag frame and decrease of the oxidation of pellets, which consequently reduces the amount of hematite, but meets GOST requirements.

Prediction of the Quality of Welded Joints in Flash-Butt Welding

Statistical methods of analysis are currently widely used to develop control and monitoring systems for different welding processes. These methods allow to obtain information on the process including the effect of all factors on its results, which is often difficult to evaluate due to the process complexity. The paper reveals development of the study based on neural networks for classifying flash-butt welding processes by continuously applied disturbances.

Large Strains Modeling. Report 4. Physical Equations of Thermoplasticity and Creep Using Logarithmic Measure of Hencky’s Strains

The paper considers the general relation of the theory of thermo plasticity and creep. We apply multiplicative decomposition and Hencky’s logarithmic strain for modeling the process of deformation with simultaneous presence of deformations of different type: temperature, elastic, plastic and creep.

The Connection between Structural State and Wear-Resistance of Steels for the Detail’s Scraper Conveyer’s

The paper is devoted to establishing of connection between of hardness, wear-resistance and the nature of structure. It is used structural analysis, measuring of microhardness and wearing tests. It is conducted the comparison of wear-resistances speed, microhardness of three steels 30Г, 25ХГСР, А335/А335М grade P22 (ASTM) for the details of scraper conveyer, which subjected to wear during the exploitation. It is established on the frequency curve of hardness distribution, that most of grains in the steel 25ХГСР was great hardness.

Analysis of Ukrainian Hryvnia Banknotes Wearing Qualities in a Real Circulation

The algorithm of accuracy increasing is developed for orientation system – strapdown Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) at its installation on ships or other carrier objects with known distance from swaying center. The proposed algorithm allows to compensate AHRS errors caused by accelerations at object swaying, in autonomous mode where AHRS sensors (accelerometers and rate sensors) are used only. Accuracy of these errors compensation is evaluated. At this the proportional-integral variant of rate sensors correction from accelerometers is considered.

Obtaining Ferrotitanium by Aluminothermic Method with 40–43 % of Titanium Content without Adding Titanic Waste

This paper seeks to enhance the aluminothermic technology by selecting and calculating charge materials so that this technology provides obtaining ferrotitanium from the ilmenite concentrate without adding titanic waste with 40–43 mas. % of titanium content.

Heat Resistance and Corrosion Resistance of Complex Chromium+Aluminum Diffusion Coatings on Titanium Alloy VT6

In this paper we study the microstructure, phase and chemical composition of complex chromium+aluminum diffusion coatings obtained by simultaneous saturation of titanium alloy VT6 with chromium and aluminum from powder mixtures. We discover that coatings consist of three separate layers of Al3Ti, AlTi, AlTi3 phases. The microhardness of diffusion multilayers in the area of Al3Ti phase is 7,1–9,0 GPa, of the main diffusion layer AlTi – 5,2–8,2 GPa and 11,0 GPa for the AlTi3 phase, that is by 2-4 times higher the microhardness of initial VT6 (3,63 GPa).

Mathematical Simulation of Oscillations of a String with Movable Bearing in a Vertical Plane

We consider the natural oscillations of the string whose left end is fixed and the right one has the ability to move in a vertical plane by a defined law. We should address this issue to construct an adequate mathematical model of the electric wire taking into account longitudinal displacement of one of its ends. The right-hand mobile support is a commuting pendant with electric wire in the form of insulator strings.