Soloshenko O.M.

Composite Design Pattern Application and Application of the LINQ Technology in the Context of the Prefix Encoding of Text Using the Huffman Algorithm

The designed methods are the implementation of the object-oriented architecture as the class diagram corresponding to the implementation of the Composite design pattern according to the requirements of the flexible implementation of the Huffman tree, the method of the dynamic iterative Huffman tree building. This tree uses the dynamic collection of the node interface using the Visual C# language and the creation method of the initial set of the leaf nodes using the LINQ technology.

Adjustment of the Iterative Reclassification Method for Including the Rejected Appli-cations into the Credit Scoring

The objective of the research is the adjustment of the Iterative Reclassification Method for including the rejected applications into the credit scoring. The methodology of implementation uses partially classified data and the logistic regression generalization. The method of the adjustment the Weight Of Evidence and the Information Value indicators using the rejected loan applications is proposed at the first stage.