Instrument-making and information-measuring equipment

An algorithm of quality enhancement of the resulting image by using exposure bracketing

Relying on multiple images formed by exposure bracketing without a prior conversion to the image with a high dynamic range (HDRI), we propose an algorithm for improving the quality of the resulting image.

Estimation of subpixel object’s parameters using the digital space images

In this paper, we study the method of center gravity for determining the characteristics of symmetric objects on digital images. Moreover, an estimate error is less than the size of one pixel (subpixel accuracy). We show that this method is not only more precise, but also more rapid than other methods. Specifically, the research results allow estimating an optimum size of the test objects for calibration of space scanners and parameters of defocusing for the star chambers of orientation sensors.

Frequency error of rms voltage for spectrum-saturated signals

The present study tackles the frequency error of RMS Voltage induced by the partial loss of the input signal spectrum because of the limitations in the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the conversion channel. We propose the estimation of such errors for typical signals and provide recommendations for their decrease.

Sample AC-converter

This paper develops the sample AC-converters for 0–30MHz frequency range and 0,001–1000 V voltage range with minimized errors from DC to AC voltage.

The estimation of results inspection uncertainty

In this paper, we analyze the influence of the transformation error on inspection reliability. We illustrate that the results uncertainty and the character of erroneous decisions depend on parity additive and multiplicate components. In addition, we offer to normalize the limiting values of a probable error, as well as the limiting value of its components, for the measuring methods used in the inspection process.

Search algorithms for procedural optimal control

This paper studies a generalized structure of the state traversal algorithms and the methods of their adaptation to procedural optimal control of the multidimensional dynamic systems. Based on the developed structure, new special scoring functions, the methods of vector encoding control and state space discretization are proposed. Furthermore, through the test problem solved the capability of such algorithms to solve the optimal control problems, as well as the improved efficiency over the existing algorithms, is demonstrated.

The microsatellite gravity-magnetic stabilizing system research with evaluation of phase vector by Kalman filter

The paper under study considers the construction of the microsatellite gravity-magnetic stabilizing system. Special attention is given to the efficiency of some regulators with the estimation of the microsatellite phase vector by the extended Kalman filter.

The multifunction method of the object image registration with broad dynamic range of brightness

We propose the multifunction method of the object image registration. It allows matching the dynamic range of brightness of the observed objects with the dynamic range of photoregister.

Metrological analysis of the diffuse light source of variable brightness based on conjugate integrating spheres

The paper highlights theoretical analysis of accuracy of the diffuse light source of variable brightness based on conjugate integrating spheres. We develop the calculation procedure of its accuracy when the design parameters are modified. In addition, we give some recommendations on designing the diffusive light source to provide necessary stability of brightness in the output aperture.

The approaches, means and metrological assurance of calibrationof the standard radiators

We consider the approaches and means of calibration of the standard radiators for precision photometric equipment. Moreover, we develop the engineering approaches and recommendations on choosing the primary elements of the equipment.