Instrument-making and information-measuring equipment

Measuring the parameters of electric circuits by utilizing special forms of testing signals

This paper aims to substantiate the application of exponential testers signals (TS) aimed at receiving a compatible response, whose form can be easily analyzed and controlled. We also estimate the error of determining the parameters of electric chains when using TS formed on the basis of exponential spline models. In addition, we develop techniques and provide some recommendation on minimization of this error.

Improved method of the quickest descent

This study proposes the improved method of the quickest descent, which takes into account the second and mixed derivatives on optimized parameters of a quality criterion. We demonstrate this with the method application for the correction of scale factor errors and a zero displacement of the primary information gauges.

The study of the application area of Edgeworth series at finding extended uncertainty of indirect measurement result

This study proposes the method of finding the extended uncertainty under the condition when indirect measurement result is additively related to direct measurement results. Using Edgeworth series, we show that approximation of distributions composition allows obtaining the analytical expression of probability density for the indirectly measured quantity. In addition, we outline the boundaries of the application area of the proposed method. We present the table of coverage factors values in relation to the values of skewness and kurtosis coefficients.

Loadings calculation from the interaction of a cantilever beam system with an incoming airflow

The objective of the paper under scrutiny is to calculate the loadings from the interaction of a cantilever beam system with an incoming airflow. To achieve this, the basic ratios for the calculation of the distributed external aerodynamic loading on the cantilever beam system from the interaction with the incoming airflow are formulated. Using these ratios, the formulas for the determination of the airflow pressure on the deformed cantilever beam system are proposed.

An adaptive algorithm for one class of the control systems with guaranteed accuracy under arbitrary perturbations

The research described in this paper studies an adaptive algorithm for the control system for a one-dimensional dynamic object with an aperiodic constantsign pulse response characteristic. Specifically, we present the conditions for obtaining the feedback ratio based on the indirect estimation of the resultant action and the controlled variable prediction. Our experimental results show that these conditions provide the guaranteed control accuracy under arbitrary disturbances.

The rocket modeling problem on a beam with reduced variable characteristics

The study under consideration deals with constructing the rocket model using a beam with the reduced variable characteristics. It is assumed that the lengthening rocket may be modeled on the beam with the variable mass inertial, geometric, and rigid characteristics. Using the proposed technique, the basic theorems in dynamics for the rocket-beam, as well as the reactive and variational formulas, are received. Based on the theorems proved, different variants of linear and nonlinear equations of motion may be formulated.

Automatic go-around on the criterion of the airplane power time-to-climb

This study provides the universal approach to the algorithm generation of the automatic go-around on the criterion of the airplane power time-to-climb in the elevator channel. Specifically, the developed algorithm is provided by the purposeful redistribution of the disposed time-to-climb energy of the airplane entering into climb and acceleration. Emphasized here is the requirement to the minimum gradient of climb and go-around, depending on the airplane configuration.

Measurement of inductance losses using the parameters of the transition process

We consider the method of measuring the inductance losses in the pulse mode. In particular, the research objects are primarily electromagnetic elements, namely inductors and transformers, operating at high frequencies in MHz units with a heavily distorted waveform characterized by a very broad spectral distribution and low power factors.

To the transition from discrete to continuous poles of a linear timeinvariant dynamic system based on Prony’s method

In this paper, we examine the linear time-invariant single-input, single-output dynamic system, subjected to the unit impulse. Specifically, we take the perspective that such system identification procedure in the framework of the Prony’s method polynomial approach can be improved through the increased accuracy of discreet system poles determination and errors minimization, connected with the transition to the corresponding continuous poles.

Application of compartmental analysis for estimating tissue perfusion

Recently several mathematical methods have been developed for estimating tissue perfusion. Specifically, compartmental analysis is currently being in the forefront. Hence this paper focuses on the сompartmental analysis theory, presents some basic formulas and provides definitions.