Problems of Biotechnology

Determine the Effect of Probiotics on the Steroids Profile of Women in the Period of Menopause

Women have violation of sexual hormones synthesis in the period of menopause. Key manifestations of insufficient synthesis of androgens are decrease of bones density, memory worsening, diminishing of the muscular mass, violation of the ovaries functions and sexual disfunction. In modern medicine disorders of sexual hormones synthesis are corrected by the hormones therapy which has by-effects. We demonstrate that probiotic can serve as supporting therapy for women with disfunction of androgens.

Study about the Influence of Conditions of Exoelectrogenes Cultivation on Bioelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Process

This paper presents a brief overview of methods for obtaining hydrogen. We study the influence of cultivation conditions of exoelectrogenes on the efficiency of bioelectrochemical hydrogen production. We describe the method of two-stage anode biofilm selection, which is used for exoelectrogenes immobilization on the anode. Furthermore, we determine the impact of the applied voltage values ranged from 0,2 to 0,8 V on the process of bioelectrochemical hydrogen production using sodium acetate as a substrate.

Effect of Alkali Metals Ions on Growth and Biomass Accumulation of Lipid (Metabolism) in Chlorella Vulgaris

In this paper, we analyze the influence of nutrient medium on the growth of algae biomass species Chlorella vulgaris. By employing methods of microscopy, one- and two-dimensional thin layer chromatography, as well as by using mathematical methods of interpolation and approximation of data, we show that reduction of nitrogen concentration, increase of salinity and concentration of potassium drastically decrease the biomass growth. The amount of lipids increases to 10–15 % under nitrogen deficiency, moderate salinity (2,5 g/l NaCl) and in the joint action of both factors.

Genetic Regulation and Phenotypic Expression of the Properties of Biogenic Magnetic Nanoparticles in Magnetotactic Bacteria and Human

By employing the bioinformatics methods, we consider the similarity between the genes of magnetosome island of magnetotactic bacteria and human genes for establishing the degree of homology and determination of functional class of proteins. We analyze the most meaningful coincidences between the genes of magnetosome island of bacteria of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense and human genes. We uncover the essential smoothing mainly among proteins of functional class.

Developing Nutrient Mediums on the Basis of Hydrolysates of the Soybean Flour for Cultivating Representatives of Lactobacillus sp.

The paper considers the second stage of developing the laboratory technology of sanitary sour-milk products on the basis of the soybean flour. It was produced according to the novel national technology ЕСО. The technology is based on the special processing of seeds soybean called “seeds awakening”. As a result of biochemical transformations of matters, outer and inner decontamination of weevils take place.

Ganoderma Lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst. Submerged Cultivation Peculiarities on the Bread Crumbles Substrate

In the present paper, we investigate biomass, exopolysaccharide, phenols, organic acids, reducing and dry substances accumulation and pH of cultured broth during submerged cultivation of G. lucidum 1900 on bread crumbles. It shows the future prospects and the possibility of using this waste from the food industry in Ukraine. We demonstrate that maximal biomass and exopolysaccharide concentration can be obtained on the 15th day of cultivation (18,10  0,2 and 5,2 ± 0,3 g/l correspondingly).

Remediation of Municipal Waste Water Biocolloid Solids Contaminated by Heavy Mеtals

The study is devoted to the experimental substantiation for technology of heavy metals removal from contaminated municipal wastewater sludge by enhancing the activity of autochtonous biocenoses with formation of metabolites binding metals into stable water soluble complexes. We compare the efficiency of heavy metals removal from sludge of biological treatment of municipal wastewaters in bioleaching process with heterotrophic and chemotrophic biocenoses and chemical leaching. Moreover, we demonstrate the advantages of metals bioleaching process at acidogeneous heterotrophic metabolism.

The Biotechnology on the Basis of the Higner Basidiomycetous Mushrooms of Genus Coriolus Quel

In this paper, we analyze information on the medicinal properties of the genus basidiomycetous mushrooms Coriolus. Representatives of this genus have a wide range of medicinal properties such as: immune modulating, restorative, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, radioprotective, hepatoprotective, etc. Therefore, basidiomycetes Coriolus are effectively used in medicine, food and light industry, agriculture. This article summarizes the information on biotechnology based on basidiomycetes genus Coriolus, which are used worldwide.

The Study of pH Influence on Kinetics of Carbamide Hydrolysis

The homogeneous carbamide precipitation method is used for producing highly dispersed metal hydroxides. Carbamide hydrolysis is the limiting stage of such process. By determining the dependence of hydrolysis rate on solution pH, we choose the optimum conditions for the process. Hence we conduct the kinetic investigations of the process of carbamide hydrolysis in various original pH solutions (0,7 7). It was carried out in isothermal conditions under permanent solution evaporation.

Experimental Determination of Optimum Parameters of Technological Creation of Bionanocomposites Based on the Interaction Between the Aliphatic Aminoacids and Carbon Nanotubes

This paper studies the interaction between biological molecules and novel nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes (CNT). The latter plays a crucial role in developing novel types of miniature devices for biological purposes. We also investigate the immobilization behavior of aminoacids in the multi-wall carbon nanotubes to create functional aminocid/CNT conjugates. Furthermore, we use spectrophotometric methods. We show that the location of adsorbate molecules on the CNTs surface depends on the alkalinity and acidity of the solution.