Problems of Biotechnology

Selection of lactic acid bacteria for cheesemaking by antagonistic activity concerning technically harmful microflora

We examine the antagonistic activity of lactic acid bacteria concerning the main representatives of extraneous microflora and show that lactobacilli have the maximum level of oppression of the test cultures. In addition, we isolate two promising strains – Lactobacillus casei ssp. rhamnosus 3306, and Lactobacillus acidophilus 3123, which can be applied to cheesemaking, as well as determine their technological properties

Biotechnological approaches to creating and using liposomal and pegylated drug formulations

We analyze and summarize the data on the approaches to creating the system of drug delivery, based on using liposomal and pegylated drug formulations. We also consider the approaches to utilizing the drug delivery system for creating anticancer, antibacterial preparations and immunomodulators.

The infuence of nutrition sources on growth and antioxidant activity of mushrooms of genus coriolus quel (trametes fr.)

In this paper, we study the growth and antioxidant activity of four basidiomycetes strains on a nourishing medium by adding 12 sources of carbon (mono-, di-, polysaccharidess, alcohols) and 8 sources of nitrogen (organic and inorganic nature). We determine the influence of carbon and nitric nutrition on concentration of mushrooms biomass of genus Coriolus and antioxidant activity of culture liquid. In addition, we specify the compounds of carbon and nitrogen, which provide the maximal accumulation of mushroom biomass and the highest antioxidant activity.

Wastewater purification from cuprum (ІІ) ions by magnetically operated biosorbent using high-gradient ferromagnetic fields

This paper highlights the method of purification from cuprum ions by using high-gradient magnetic fields. We devise the production method of highgradient ferromagnetic matrices with dendrite structure and study its efficiency. We also show the difference between the efficiency of solutions purification by utilizing dendrite and dendriteless matrices. Crucially, we prove the higher efficiency of the dendrite matrix performance as compared to the dendriteless one.

Using information databases for the study of strains of biotechnologically valuable high basidiomycetes

This paper aims to develop a relational database of the Culture Collection of Pileate Fungi. To that end, we elaborate an information system and a simple visible interface that may enhance the attributive data operation on strains of high basiodiomycetes. This system allows using the data on strains of the Collection and their biotechnological properties more effectively.

The use of ultra-violet radiation in selection of enzyme complex producer of Streptomyces

We investigate the influence of ultra-violet radiation on the biosynthetic ability of the culture of Streptomyces recifensis var. lyticus bacteryolytic enzyme complex producer. We demonstrate that this type of mutagen can be applied to selection of the strain with the high level of product synthesis. The results of the conducted mutagen processing of culture allow choosing two variants of culture – Str. Recifensis var. lyticus Е96 and S101 which have the enhanced level of a target product synthesis by 1,5 and 2 times.

The influence of polyhexamethylenegyanidine on bioproduction parameters of young fish

We present a series of research into the influence of various concentrations of polyhexamethyleneguanidine on bioproduction parameters of young fish. Our research results show high toxicity of polyhexamethyleneguanidine

The growth mechanisms of the promising research subjects of biotechnology – basidiomycetes mushrooms of the genus Coriolus on agar mediums

This paper presents the research of the influence of a nutrition medium composition on the cultural-morphological properties and the growth rate of vegetative mycelia of 31 strains of mushrooms of the genus Coriolus. We validate our approach with the experiments, showing that the growth rate depends not only on the nutrition medium composition, but also on the strain features of cultures. Specifically, we determine the optimum agar mediums, notably potato-glucose, synthetic Norkrans and malt-agar with a decoction of oak bark for cultivation of mushrooms of the genus Coriolus.

On determining the effect of cytostatics on strains – potential producers of probiotic preparations

The paper highlights that chemotherapy leads to the destruction of the bowel epithelium and breach microflora. We suggest that the correction of microflora during chemotherapy allows improving the condition of the patients and reduces the toxic effect of drugs on the body. We study the influence of the frequently used cytostatics on the strains of lactic bacteria. The research results show that the strains under study are resistant to high concentrations of drugs and cytostatics do not have mutagenic effects on these cultures.