Problems of Biotechnology

The quantitative assessment of chromosomal damages in human lymphocytes at the action of low doses of [gamma]-radiation in conditions in vitro

The study addresses the effect of γ-rays in a low dose range on the genetic apparatus. Our experimental results show the presence of the plateau in the dose range of 0,1–0,3 Gy for radiation markers – dicentric chromosomes. We prove that the best approximation of radiation induced cytogenetic effect can be reached by applying the regression spline model. To interpret the dose curves character adequately according to the obtained cytogenetic parameters, we take into account human individual radiation sensitivity.

The optimization of composition medium for cultivation of Coriolus Quel (Trametes Fr.)

In this paper, we optimize the concentration of glucose, peptone, hydrogen ions (рН) in a nourishing medium for deep cultivation of 4 strains of basidiomycetes of genus Coriolus. We propose the value of concentrations of glucose, peptone, pH in a nourishing medium, which provide the maximal biomass.

The adaptation of disk method for express evaluation of resistance to cytostatics

Probiotics are often used for chemotherapy. However, the stability of producers of these products to various chemotherapy courses is not studied. To that end, we devise a rapid method for determining susceptibility of microorganisms to the cytostatics based on the diffusion in agar. Moreover, we show that this method can be utilized for semisynthetic nutrient media with the content of 2% agar. We also determine the sensitivity of some representatives of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms to the cytostatics.

The features of human rotaviral selective biotechnology in cell culture and their adaptation to cultivation conditions

In the recent years rotaviral infection has proliferated in Ukraine. The problem is that the scientists have not yet determined which human strains of rotaviruses circulate in its territory and their biological properties. Hence we develop the biotechnology of human rotaviruses isolation in the cell culture and their adaptation to the cultivation conditions. We also study their biological properties and create the collection of rotavirus strains, circulating in the territory of the Ukraine.

Specificity of Ultrasound Influence on bacterial Agglomerates Destruction in Aqueous Suspension

Sonication has two main effects on bacterial suspensions. The first effect is bacterial declumping which breaks up agglomerates into a large number of individual bacteria in a suspension and the second one is bacterial inactivation which depends on reducing of individual ability of cells’ reproduction. The general effect of applying ultrasound is connected with the sonication time.

The effect of pre-freezing of nutrient media on the growth of laktobacteria

We show that pre-freezing nutrient media can stimulate the growth of lactic bacteria. In addition, increasing the cells concentration does not always lead to pH lowering. We uncover that freezing has the greatest impact on the fast growing strains.

Obtaining immunoaffinity sorbent and developing the method of specific purification of human IgM

We develop the scheme of immunoaffinity purification of human IgM. Through experiments performed, we select the monoclonal antibodies and optimize the conditions for synthesis of immunoaffinity matrix. Moreover, the specificity of IgM linking with a sorbent is increased and the conditions of washing the columns and elution of IgM are chosen. Since the developed scheme is highly effective in practice, the degree of purification of the obtained IgM has made up 100 %. It enables using this method for immunoassays and animals immunization.

Components content optimization of nutrition medium for biosyntesis of enzyme complex by p.Streptomyces producer

In this paper, we study the influence of basic and alternative nutrition medium components on the biosynthetic activity of the lysoenzyme complex Streptomyces recifensis var. lytіcus 2435/М producer. Drawing on the results obtained, we argue that specially treated IR-radiation soy-bean flour can be used as an alternative source of basic feed and the aerosil A-300 can be used as an additional component.

Physical and chemical aspects of cooperation of enzyme complex cytorecifen with the transmitters of different nature

By utilizing the adsorptive method on transmitters of different nature: silica, methylcellulose, polyethyleneglycole, polyoxyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol and polyacrylamide, we study physical and chemical properties of immobilization of the enzymatic preparation Cytorecifen. We perform the spectrum research of the samples immobilized on silica, polyethylene glycol and polyoxyethylene. We also determine the principal fixing mechanisms of enzymatic complex under study on the following transmitters: hydrogen relationships formation, electrostatic and polycentric interactions.

Obtaining and using of dosage forms based on receptor-mediated endocytosis of biological active substances

This study sums up the data on various approaches to creating targeted drug delivery systems based on the use of receptor-mediated endocytosis. We shed some light on approaches to using targeted drug delivery systems for developing anticancer, antibacterial, and vaccine preparations, as well as in gene therapy.