Problems of Biotechnology

Enzymes immobilization as a method of effective biopreparations production for the practical purposes

The research described in this paper considers the main fields of immobilized enzymes application. This study reveals some traditional and promising techniques of enzyme immobilization and proves the widespread of using immobilized enzymes in medicine and pharmaceutics. Experimental evaluations demonstrate the promise of biopreparations production, utilizing the method of immobilization.

Lactic acid bacteria as biosorbents of heavy metals

The paper under consideration examines the microelement structure and lactic acid bacteria ability of genus Lactobacillus and their compositions to adsorb heavy metals. We highlight the same qualitative element structure of lactic acid bacteria cells and distinction of its quantitative structure, depending on the kind and strain of lactic acid bacteria. Besides, the research results of lactic acid bacteria ability to adsorb heavy metals show this process independence from the exposition time and cells condition (both alive and dead).