Pivtorak D.О.

An Algorithm for Image Coding of Photographing Object Having a Large Range of Brightness

This paper proposes an algorithm for image coding of photographing object having a large range of brightness. It allows to achieve a high quality image of the photographing object by constructing it of the most informative images' elements of the object obtained under the same environmental conditions and different exposures. We also propose an algorithm for resulting HDR (High Dynamic Range) image coding from a series of LDR (Low Dynamic Range) images obtained by exposure bracketing or sensitivity bracketing of the optical receiver.

An algorithm of quality enhancement of the resulting image by using exposure bracketing

Relying on multiple images formed by exposure bracketing without a prior conversion to the image with a high dynamic range (HDRI), we propose an algorithm for improving the quality of the resulting image.

The multifunction method of the object image registration with broad dynamic range of brightness

We propose the multifunction method of the object image registration. It allows matching the dynamic range of brightness of the observed objects with the dynamic range of photoregister.