Rodionov V.

Correlation Analysis of Characteristics Gloss and Smoothness of Paper Tape with Purpose of Their Control in Technological Process

Through experiments conducted, we study the characteristics of gloss and smoothness of paper tape to develop the method of their technological control. By utilizing the method of statistical analysis, we prove that there is nonlinear correlation dependence between them. We calculate the parameters of regression equation, which has a parabolic form. Moreover, we find that for certain angles of incidence of light ray 70–80, the parameter of correlation communication is the correlation relation signifying 0,80–0,85.

The Method of Technology Glance Control of Tape and Sheet Materials

This study demonstrates the method of technology glance control of tape and sheet materials based on the measurement of the ratio of the reflected mirror light flow from a controllable material to a total falling light flow. We show that it is necessary to carry out the glance’s measurement of various types of materials (paper, cardboard, wood-fibrous plates etc.) at the angles not less than 75. It ensures the greatest sensitivity of a method and the least influence of material chromaticity.

An epr study of silicon carbide irradiated with high dose neutrons

The present paper demonstrates the results of an EPR study of n-type hexagonal 6H- and cubic 3CSiC crystals irradiated with fast neutrons in a dose range of 2⋅1018–5⋅1019 cm−2. We reveal that the negatively charged silicon monovacancy V-Si is a dominant paramagnetic defect. We also observe some changes of intensity and line shape for its EPR spectrum in the dose range and uncover that the introduction rate of this defect is about 1,3 cm−1.