Sinkov M.V.

Three-Dimensional Tomography Reconstruction of “Large” Objects Using Partial Scans

In this paper, we investigate the issues of the tomographic reconstruction of “large” objects. Moreover, we separately consider the reconstruction of objects larger than the size of the CT matrix detector in the horizontal and vertical planes. Using the interpolation methods, we present the mathematical apparatus of synthesis of the complete projection data from projection data of partial scans of individual sections. We propose novel three-dimensional tomographic reconstruction algorithms based on the intersection scans scheme for the research of “large” objects.

On creating the new 3d tomography reconstruction algorithm

We consider the algorithms of three-dimensional tomography reconstruction and suggest their classification. Likewise, we propose the 3D-reconsruction algorithm with the transformation of the cone-beam projection to the parallel fan-beams projection. Finally, we show that this algorithm allows increasing the volumetric reconstruction efficiency at the expense of decreasing the calculations at convolution and simplifying the back projection.