Typlyns`ka K.V.

Determine the Effect of Probiotics on the Steroids Profile of Women in the Period of Menopause

Women have violation of sexual hormones synthesis in the period of menopause. Key manifestations of insufficient synthesis of androgens are decrease of bones density, memory worsening, diminishing of the muscular mass, violation of the ovaries functions and sexual disfunction. In modern medicine disorders of sexual hormones synthesis are corrected by the hormones therapy which has by-effects. We demonstrate that probiotic can serve as supporting therapy for women with disfunction of androgens.

On determining the effect of cytostatics on strains – potential producers of probiotic preparations

The paper highlights that chemotherapy leads to the destruction of the bowel epithelium and breach microflora. We suggest that the correction of microflora during chemotherapy allows improving the condition of the patients and reduces the toxic effect of drugs on the body. We study the influence of the frequently used cytostatics on the strains of lactic bacteria. The research results show that the strains under study are resistant to high concentrations of drugs and cytostatics do not have mutagenic effects on these cultures.

The adaptation of disk method for express evaluation of resistance to cytostatics

Probiotics are often used for chemotherapy. However, the stability of producers of these products to various chemotherapy courses is not studied. To that end, we devise a rapid method for determining susceptibility of microorganisms to the cytostatics based on the diffusion in agar. Moreover, we show that this method can be utilized for semisynthetic nutrient media with the content of 2% agar. We also determine the sensitivity of some representatives of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms to the cytostatics.

The effect of pre-freezing of nutrient media on the growth of laktobacteria

We show that pre-freezing nutrient media can stimulate the growth of lactic bacteria. In addition, increasing the cells concentration does not always lead to pH lowering. We uncover that freezing has the greatest impact on the fast growing strains.