Voloshko S.M.

Cyclic Character of the Microhardness Aluminium Alloy D16 under Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

The article studies possibilities of more effective surface hardening as compared with conventional thermo-mechanical processing. Specifically, we provide the insight into surface hardening of light structural alloys by ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) in air under quasi-hydrostatic pressure of the sample.

Diffusion Growth of Mn4Si7 Silicide Phase Inclusions of Cylindrical Shape in Mn–Si Thin-Film System

We study the process of diffusion formation of Mn4Si7 silicide phase inclusions in films, obtained by deposition of Mn and Si (24% Mn + Si) on a substrate of Si (001) monocrystalline silicon. We utilize the methods of X-ray diffraction analysis, electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry of secondary ions for our experiments. Furthermore, computer simulation within the frame of the model of cylindrical inclusions growth in a supersaturated solid solution allows analyzing concentration allocation of the diffusant, which depends on time, kinetics of inclusions growth, etc.

The change of the microhardhess of aluminium alloy D16

Ultrasonic Shock Treatment In this paper, we analyze the effect of various modes of ultrasonic shock treatment on the microhardness of the aluminium wrought alloy D16. We determine the thickness of the modified near surface area and prove that the effect of the surface strengthening after UST can reach 91%. Furthermore, we discuss the possible structural phase mechanisms of the change of mechanical properties of the aluminium alloys surface as a result of intensive plastic deformation.