Dehtyarenko N.V.

The Enzyme Lipase: Analysis of Industry Use, Producers, a Process for Preparing

The analysis and synthesis of information on the field of use, sources, mechanism of action and properties of the enzyme lipase was performed in a review. It is established that for sectors of the economy in which lipase successfully used or is planned to be used is constantly expanding. Performed patent search of lipase modern producers has found among these bacteria, actinomyces, yeast and microscopic fungi. The features of the formation process of culture media and cultivation of lipase producers profound way.

Production of Enzymic Preparations in Ukraine

In this paper, we analyze the modern state of production enzymic preparations in Ukraine. Based on the source, enzymic preparations are classified as industrial (produced from microbal raw material) and medical (produced mainly from animal raw material). According to the data of Abercade Consulting, we present the growth dynamics of global market of enzymic preparations. Specifically, we show that the enzymic preparations production in Ukraine greatly depends on import. We determine leading enzyme producing companies, which import prodcuts to Ukraine and CIS countries.

Developing Nutrient Mediums on the Basis of Hydrolysates of the Soybean Flour for Cultivating Representatives of Lactobacillus sp.

The paper considers the second stage of developing the laboratory technology of sanitary sour-milk products on the basis of the soybean flour. It was produced according to the novel national technology ЕСО. The technology is based on the special processing of seeds soybean called “seeds awakening”. As a result of biochemical transformations of matters, outer and inner decontamination of weevils take place.

Features of Preparation and Fermentation of Soybean Milk by the Representatives

The first stages of development of new laboratory technology sanitary sour-milk products on the basis by an especial mode cultivated seeds of soy have shown. For preparation soybean milk the soybean flour made according to new national technology ЕСО (producer ООО “ЕСО”) has used. The optimum technology of pretreatment of a soybean flour has found with the purpose of subsequent usage as a base for nutrient fermentations mediums. Has established, that milk from soy ЕСО “The present of the sun – Super” as much as possible induce biosynthetic processes for the strains L. delbrueckii subsp.

On determining the effect of cytostatics on strains – potential producers of probiotic preparations

The paper highlights that chemotherapy leads to the destruction of the bowel epithelium and breach microflora. We suggest that the correction of microflora during chemotherapy allows improving the condition of the patients and reduces the toxic effect of drugs on the body. We study the influence of the frequently used cytostatics on the strains of lactic bacteria. The research results show that the strains under study are resistant to high concentrations of drugs and cytostatics do not have mutagenic effects on these cultures.