Kushmyiruk A.I.

Electrochemical Gas Sensor for Determining Hydrogen Sulfide in Air and Technological Environments

In this paper, we determine the range of potentials, which shows electrochemical stability and corrosion resistance of titanium and catalytically active electrodes based on it in 5 m of HClO4 solution. We reveal that the current-free potentials of these electrodes comply with compromise potentials conjugate reduction reaction of adsorbed oxygen and oxidation of hydrogen sulfide in the presence of hydrogen sulfide. Based on studies of properties of the semiconductor oxide electrocatalysts of transition metals, gas diffusion electrodes are developed.

The influence of determinate component adsorption on the time of transition processes in the amperometric gas sensors

The chemical sensors are the important elements of present-day resource-saving technologies and complex arrangements of the environment presservation. Among them the most useful are the amperometric gas sensors. They are inexpensive and have current signal registration as well as resistance against poisoning and overcharge. One of the directions of their further enhancement is the reduction of the reliable signal stabilization time that depends on the time of transition processes in the electrochemical sensor system.