Obushenko T.I.

Volumetric Estimation of Biogas Content

In this paper, we develop the method of volumetric analysis to estimate biogas content due to using the gas analyzer (Gas Analyser Chemical Laboratorial-1). We propose the list of absorbing chemical solutions and sequence of their application, notably solution of 50 60 % sulfuric acid – for ammonia absorption; saturated solution of I2 in 0,1 М water solution of KI – for hydrogen sulphide absorption; and solution of 35 % potassium hydroxide – for carbon dioxide absorption.

The solvent sublation of iron ions from low concentration solutions

This study investigates the regularities of solvent sublation of iron ions from the low concentration water solution (CFe3+ = 10 mg/L). We determine optimal conditions of this process (the pH, the molar ratio of Fe3+: SAC, where SAC is the surface-active compound, the process duration, the temperature, the speed of gas flow). Relying on the ion association theory, we propose the mechanism of solvent sublation

The regularities of the flotoextraction process during the wastewater cleaning from the ions of heavy metals

Using the salts of unsaturated acids as surfactant, isoamyl alcohol and octan as an organic phase, we investigate the flotoextraction of heavy metals’ ions on the sample of nickel(II) ions. Moreover, we determine the optimum conditions for the process.