Grygorieva M.A.

Components content optimization of nutrition medium for biosyntesis of enzyme complex by p.Streptomyces producer

In this paper, we study the influence of basic and alternative nutrition medium components on the biosynthetic activity of the lysoenzyme complex Streptomyces recifensis var. lytіcus 2435/М producer. Drawing on the results obtained, we argue that specially treated IR-radiation soy-bean flour can be used as an alternative source of basic feed and the aerosil A-300 can be used as an additional component.

Physical and chemical aspects of cooperation of enzyme complex cytorecifen with the transmitters of different nature

By utilizing the adsorptive method on transmitters of different nature: silica, methylcellulose, polyethyleneglycole, polyoxyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol and polyacrylamide, we study physical and chemical properties of immobilization of the enzymatic preparation Cytorecifen. We perform the spectrum research of the samples immobilized on silica, polyethylene glycol and polyoxyethylene. We also determine the principal fixing mechanisms of enzymatic complex under study on the following transmitters: hydrogen relationships formation, electrostatic and polycentric interactions.

Enzymes immobilization as a method of effective biopreparations production for the practical purposes

The research described in this paper considers the main fields of immobilized enzymes application. This study reveals some traditional and promising techniques of enzyme immobilization and proves the widespread of using immobilized enzymes in medicine and pharmaceutics. Experimental evaluations demonstrate the promise of biopreparations production, utilizing the method of immobilization.