Ruzhinska L.I.

The Cooling Process of the Polymeric Film on the Drum Partially Submerged in the Water Bath

In this paper, we develop the design procedure of the polymeric film cooling on the cooled drum partially submerged in a water bath. The process specificity of the process lies in the fact that after the films removal from a drum its surface hasn’t time to cool down to its initial temperature. We propose the mathematical model of cooling which allows calculating the film temperature field and the drum shell ring on their thickness depending on the angular coordinates cylindrical.

Mathematical Model of Pervaporation Separation of Binary Solutions

The paper develops the mathematical model of pervaporation of the organic component through a non-porous polymer membrane in the round crossing. We also present a system of equations describing the process of pervaporation separation of binary solutions.

The modeling research of thermoplastic materials processing using secondary raw material

This study provides important insights into the processing of secondary filled thermoplastic materials into sheet materials on the extrusion-roll equipment. The experimental results of the measurements of power and power force parameters of production, calibration and cooling of the sheet materials conform to the theoretical data gained. In this paper, we also give some recommendations on how to carry out the process of production of cellulose secondary polyolefines.

Calculation techniques of plastic and rubber mills continuous action

In this paper, we describe the technique of parametrical and thermal calculation of the mills continuous action for processing materials based on high-molecular substances. The technique can be applied for the analysis of continuous milling of power-law liquid under the condition of any friction in the inter-roll gap, as well as for deposition of the processed material on the front (slow-speed) and back (high-speed) rolls.

The model of anaerobic waste water treatment in a digester with the sheet inert supports of immobilized microflora

We address the issues of mathematical modeling of the process of wastewater treatment in an anaerobic biofilm digester with immobile carriers. We also consider the corpus of the previous research and point out the promising areas for further research. Taking into account the principal hydrodynamic, masstransfer, biological and biochemical factors, we propose the mathematical model of this process.