Bisko N.A.

The Influence of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources in Nutrient Media on Biomass Accumulation by Basidiomycetes Medicinal Mushrooms Genus Trametes (Fr.)

The article investigates the impact of natural sources of carbon and nitrogen nutrition and their quantitative ratio of biomass accumulation by medicinal basidiomycetes of the genus Trametes. The objects of the study were 18 strains of basidiomycetes species T. versicolor, T. suaveolens, T. gibbosa, T. hirsuta, T. zonatus, T. pubescens, T. serialis, T. trogii from Institute of Botany of N.G. Kholodny Institute of botany National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine collection of mushrooms.

Impact of Biogenic Metals Citrates Obtained by Aquananotechnology, on Growth and Biosynthetic Activity of Medicinal Mushroom Tra¬metes Versicolor

We conduct the comparative study of the impact of biogenic metals citrates such as zinc, magnesium, iron obtained using nanotechnology, on growth of mycelium and biosynthetical activity of medicinal fungi Trametes versicolor at their cultivation in a liquid medium. To characterize the biosynthetic activity, we determine mass fraction of organic acids, exopolysaccharides concentration of phenol-sulfate method, the protein content by Lowry, cellulolytic activity in carboxymethylcellulose (CMC-activity) and filter paper (FP-activity).

Ganoderma Lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst. Submerged Cultivation Peculiarities on the Bread Crumbles Substrate

In the present paper, we investigate biomass, exopolysaccharide, phenols, organic acids, reducing and dry substances accumulation and pH of cultured broth during submerged cultivation of G. lucidum 1900 on bread crumbles. It shows the future prospects and the possibility of using this waste from the food industry in Ukraine. We demonstrate that maximal biomass and exopolysaccharide concentration can be obtained on the 15th day of cultivation (18,10  0,2 and 5,2 ± 0,3 g/l correspondingly).

Boundary Temperatures for Cultivation of Basidiomycetes Mushrooms of Genus Coriolus Quel. in the Surface Culture

In this paper, we define the value of high and low boundary temperatures for 33 strains of basidiomycetes mushrooms of Coriolus. We prove the existence of strains variability for C. versicolor, C. zonatus, C. hirsutus depending on a high temperature. In addition, we obtain the research results on strains viability for C. zonatus, C. hirsutus and C. villosus at high temperatures for the first time ever.

The growth mechanisms of the promising research subjects of biotechnology – basidiomycetes mushrooms of the genus Coriolus on agar mediums

This paper presents the research of the influence of a nutrition medium composition on the cultural-morphological properties and the growth rate of vegetative mycelia of 31 strains of mushrooms of the genus Coriolus. We validate our approach with the experiments, showing that the growth rate depends not only on the nutrition medium composition, but also on the strain features of cultures. Specifically, we determine the optimum agar mediums, notably potato-glucose, synthetic Norkrans and malt-agar with a decoction of oak bark for cultivation of mushrooms of the genus Coriolus.